In today’s videos we will have a closer look at the individual teams. There weren’t as many teams at the Regional Final 2014 in Lower Saxony in Germany, but if we compare to 2007, which was also the first year of F1 in Schools in Germany, there were only seven teams in the German national final.

Special guests were the ambassadors of the „Autostadt Wolfsburg“, where the 2014 German National Finals will take place. Next to a quick race, they informed themselves about the competition before they present the Nationals in May.

For the first time, racingTV partner AERO was also present at the competition. Its products were used to maintain the race track.

And another guest that was at the F1 in Schools competition for the first time: Lennart Marioneck. He is a race driver for the ADAC GT Masters, and is studying vehicle construction in Hamburg. RacingTV invited him, and so he came by, here in Stade, and went around to interview all the teams for racingTV.

Congratulations to Team Dark Chance, who will be representing Lower-Saxony in the 2014 German National Finals in May.