Kick-off for the 2014 regional finals of F1 in Schools in Germany!
In beginning of February, the first competition took place in Schleswig-Holstein with over 20 teams competing for the tickets to the German National Finals in May. Not only a bunch of students were present at the event, but also friends and family, as well as interested technology-fans from the neighborhood.

The German regional finals in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are held under the name of the Nordmetall Cup, promoted by the Nordmetall Foundation. Dr. Nico Fickinger, the manager and employer’s federation of Nordmetall, was at the competition for the first time and talks about his experiences and what the Nordmetall Foundation does to support the competitors in this video.

One week later and one location further, the next Nordmetall Cup took place in Hamburg, with even more teams taking part in this regional final. With over 40 teams, the event location was filled with students on Friday afternoon, setting up their pit displays and submitting three cars, the team portfolio, the CAD data, and more documents. The exhibition hall in Hamburg-Schnelsen offered enough space for all teams, and for two race tracks to be set up, in order to complete all races on time.
Next to the race tracks and pit displays, there was also a lot of space for other displays. Students of the University of Technology in Hamburg presented their robotics projects, and demonstrated how they can also be used for games and fun. If you weren’t interested in studying and already had an idea for your own company, you could also inform yourself on how to gain success. There was even an aerospace display for those that want to lift off from the race cars.

But coming back to Formula vehicles, the F1 for Students competition brings university students even closer to the real Formula 1. A fully functional race car is developed and brought into a worldwide competition.

During a long lunch break, the teams got an impression of the F1 in Schools World Finals. The „Revival Plus“ team, which took part in the 2013 World Finals in Austin, Texas, reported about the big event and brought some videos that might have made one or another dream about reaching the Worlds. In 2014, the World Finals will be held in Abu Dhabi for the second time now, and will be accompanied by the near end of the Formula 1 season.

The MC Christopher Land, is also able to report from the international flair at the Worlds, as he previously lived in the United Arab Emirates, and successfully took part in the World Finals 2012 with the Safire Racing team.

All races here in Hamburg could be watched on screen, but many of the guests found themselves to watch the races live directly at the race track. We will handle the races in more detail in our next video from Lower Saxony.