Another video from the Nordmetall Cup with the 2014 Regional Finals of F1 in Schools in Lower-Saxony.

Even though the actual competition took place on Saturday, there was still a lot of work to do the day before – with all the pit displays being set up and the jury already working at full power. So, let’s have a look at what the jury is actually doing behind the scenes, while we won’t concentrate on the pit displays, as our special guest from the last video already gave us some detailed impressions.

First off, we’ll have a look at the presentation room – but we won’t stay long, since we don’t want to disturb the Team Dark Chance during their presentation.

Moving on to the real backstage area of the competition, the jury members were already working at full power, as mentioned, on Friday. The cars, CAD data, and portfolios all came to scrutineering and judging. The scrutineering of two of the three cars from each team was accompanied by a a lot of rules that had to be kept in, and led to a lot of data to record. The CAD data was of course judged on the computer, and the probably most important part was to be able to find all necessary data in an ordered file structure. Another important aspect is to find the development of the car in different stages.

And also the portfolios were inspected in full detail – good quality print and layout was just as important as the content of the portfolio. A new rule puts the portfolio in an own judging section, and is therefore worth more points, than before. This is for the teams putting more and more effort in the design of the portfolios, and becoming friends with the graphics applications on their computer.

Finishing off, we’ll leave you to see all the emotions at the knock-out race.

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